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ARpiCADE is the official distribution for the RaspberryJAMMA adapter.

RaspberryJAMMA 4 Player Adaptor Now Available

The RaspberryJAMMA 4 Player Adaptor is now available.  Adding the 4 Player Adaptor to any RaspberryJAMMA v2 or v3 is simple and adds support for players 3 and 4.  It can plug in directly to any 4 player Konami (eg. TMNT, Simpsons etc) or NBA Jam cabinet with no need for wiring mods or can…
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September 26, 2018 0

ARpiCADE 3.82 out now!

ARpiCADE 3.82 is here!!!!! There’s a lot of changes to stuff in the system side of things, added support for new hardware, bugs squashed, more emulators for consoles. NEW FEATURES: support for new hardware revision Raspberry Pi 3b+, Raspbian base updated from Jessie to Stretch, new Linux Kernel etc. (*NOTE: currently WiFi on Pi3b+ is…
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May 6, 2018 0


3.71 UPDATE: NEW FEATURES: Better resolution switching, 288p@50Hz and 256p@56Hz added 240p mode now progressive scan only mode (uses 240p, 256p and 288p) Vertical low res progressive scan only mode added Improvements to auto config system AdvMAME 0.94 (a bit faster than later versions of AdvMAME, as it’s based on earlier MAME code) MAME 0.139…
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August 12, 2017 0