ARpiCADE_5 beta2 - for RPi4 or RPi5

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Re: ARpiCADE_5 beta2 - for RPi4 or RPi5

Post by dee2eR » Sat May 04, 2024 3:45 pm

Awesome, glad to see you are up and running. Funny it was the extension cable, I wouldn't have guessed - I have only used them with Pi3s too. Thanks for letting us all know in case it is causeing someone else the same headaches.

Pretty sure I know the bugs you've mentioned too. I think the audio bug is related to the sync speed, either the games arn't running at close enough to the original frequency or MAME isn't running them at the right speed (due to settings, not a problem with MAME), either way it will be fixed in time as I'm pretty sure I know where to start.

The video issue I'm a little more confused by as it doesn't always happen. It could be the video mode(s) in use at the time (possibly porch/pulse related) or something else... I'm still looking into it. I have wondered today if it isn't the left and right overscan settings messing with the overall video mode so I will look into that too (the settings I have made the default match my test bench PVM width as it doesn't have width pot). Most of my testing has been done on a hori monitor which often masks the issue somewhat as it is then the top of the screen...

Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully I can find the time to do some more bits to this build soon, I've been sitting on a rebuilt version of 172 that adds a couple of SHMUP games I won't be directly mentioning... on it's own it didn't seem worth making an update patch for. Also tried to recompile 251 to remove the warnings and box but hit compiler issues (not with my changes), didn't figure it out and moved on (good thing the apt-get version is pretty good and the box isn't too annoying).

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