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Need to update

Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2021 5:21 pm
by jeffamay
I ordered mine from high score saves a year or two back. Is there any need to upgrade versions?? I think I am in the 3.7 range but not even sure on that. Just interested to know if upgrades are recommended and what does this add, games, res, etc upgrades??

Re: Need to update

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2021 6:24 am
by dee2eR
If you are on 3.7 (especially if you have a low res arcade monitor) I'd strongly recommend updating to 3.X.1. Unfortunately there's no direct upgrade path so you may want to start on a new SD card rather than overwrite your current build (Although if you have a backup image of it you can always restore it if you want to). You will probably want to copy the games off your current build first if you haven't already got the roms stored elsewhere.

I don't think it will add any arcade games (or at least not many) but it will add some more home systems and the Beats of Rage engine. There's definately also many other improvements.

In my opinion the best improvement is running most of the games at their original refresh rates, or failing that as close as practical. Almost everything that runs on 3.7 should be improved a little on 3.X. Also will have some newer MAME versions that may run some games more accurately. So while you won't end up with heaps of new games you should get improvements to the emulation accuracy, especially if you take the time to try newer MAME versions.

I'm sure there's been tonnes of little changes too, 3.7 was a long time ago, I've done quite a few releases since then.

If you want to run more games you could upgrade to a RPi4, which would give you more arcade options and the power to run more games in newer MAME versions. However, the current Pi4 version of ARpiCADE isn't as well polished as 3.X... and of course you have to get a new Pi and a HDMI to micro HDMI adaptor too.