Button mapping issues v3.x and latest v4, 2 player cabs.

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Button mapping issues v3.x and latest v4, 2 player cabs.

Post by cool_factor » Sat Jan 14, 2023 5:11 pm

Sent an email Dee2er as well.


On a side note the GRS Star Wars flight yoke is seen as JOY1, Ive noticed it when viewing different settings. Apparently, this can be switched via hidden button pushes to be seen as a mouse also. However, the 3.x cab has never had the GRS plugged into it and its experiencing similar issues as well.

UPDATE: Thanks Dee2er for the info, apparently I never knew those buttons were default in the controls settings. I've since disabled them thanks to you help.

The two lines in question are:

back - Joy0 Button1

random_game - Joy0 Button 5

For some reason I also saw Joy3 tied to these as well, I deleted those as well.

Another note on the GRS yoke buttons:

R fire is button 0
R thumb is button 2
L fire is button 1
L thumb is button 3
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