ARpiCADE 3.82xx 4 Player adaptor version

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ARpiCADE 3.82xx 4 Player adaptor version

Post by dee2eR » Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:43 am

Just wanted to get some software out that supports the new 4 player adaptor, this can safely be ignored by anyone else. This release is only partially setup and may require further tweaking for your setup.

This is ARpiCADE 3.82xx (the xx is just to denote not the same as the other release) 4 player version. It runs a new version of the joystick driver with the extra joysticks added and has had the 3 most used MAME versions roughly setup for 4 player use. Depending on your cab you will almost certainly need to adjust a few settings in MAME to suit your available buttons/physical setup. The following emulators have been roughly setup:
Retroarch MAME2003 (AKA MAME 078)
MAME 172

Other emulators will require more setup. I only had 3 buttons on my test panel so they may not be setup in the emulators but 6 buttons per player is supported (not sure if anything needs that though). Except for the controls it's 3.82 so the notes from that release thread will still probably be applicable.

The link:!AnxGyQbS!5yWyyO5DN-Tn ... bqd4JjQR7w

Minimum 8 gig SD card required (maybe brand dependent to some extent as some 8 gig cards are closer to 8gig than others).

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