Deciphoring ROMlist guide

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Deciphoring ROMlist guide

Post by cool_factor » Wed Mar 24, 2021 11:15 am

Ever want to know what all the info in your ROMlist means?

Use this as a guide:


SO lets take the game Millipede (milliped;Millipede;advmame;;1982;Atari;Shooter / Gallery;2P alt;90;trackball;good;1;raster;;;;1)

ROMName is milliped
Title is Millipede,
CloneOf is BLANK because it is not a cloned game.
Emulator is what emulator is used for launching game
Year is when released.
Manufacture is who released.
Category is what type of game.
Players is how many and if its solo play, alternate turns, or simultaneous play.
Rotation is 90 for Vertical and 270 for Horizontal.
Display Count is how may displays.
DisplayType is what type of display (IE Raster or Vector etc.).
AltRomname is other names game could be known for.
AltTitle same as AltRomname but for title of game.
Extra is for you guessed it extra info.
Buttons is for how many buttons used in game.

This website can help with figuring out alot of this info.

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