Does the Arpicade support Light Guns?

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Does the Arpicade support Light Guns?

Post by dfmassi » Fri Jul 10, 2020 1:10 pm

I found an old thread, but is there any official word - does Arpicade support light guns? (Aimtrak guns or Dolphin Bar?)

I'll dig deeper but wanted to post this question prior to spending some $$ to test.


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Re: Does the Arpicade support Light Guns?

Post by dee2eR » Sat Jul 11, 2020 1:54 am

Both Aimtraks and Dolphin bars work. Not sure I recommend either though as the sensor bar style stuff isn't as good as real lightguns. Aimtraks are a bit better than Dolphin bars & Wii-motes but Aimtraks cost heaps more (and one of my Aimtraks has an annoyingly squeeky flexy plastic shell that is honestly a bit crap for the price...).

2x Wii-mote guns requires 2x Dolphinbars, although only one needs to be mounted visibly (the other is used as a second receiver only). 2x Aimtraks will work on one sensor bar although the sensors come with them so less of a big deal.

Using Wii-motes you will definitely want to keep the on screen cursor, it is possible to play without it with Aimtraks but it can be tricky keeping Aimtraks accurate (don't move AT ALL from where you calibrate and it is mostly OK).

Finally not all emulators on ARpiCADE support mice (essentially "lightguns", trackballs, spinners, other analog controls etc. are treated as a mouse). The standalone versions of MAME do, I haven't had luck with RetroArch although it is supposed to be able to work...

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