refresh rates questions

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refresh rates questions

Post by dee2eR » Thu Aug 27, 2020 7:50 am

I've been figuring out RPi4 240p HDMI video modes with accurate refresh rates recently and have a couple of questions for any refresh rate experts.

Trying to figure out which refresh rates are the more common ones is getting trickier as I work more out. So far I've got accurate
54.707 (closest to 54.70684 I've found) - Midway 90s games eg Mortal Kombat etc
55.017606 - R-Type
57.5 - Snowbros and a bunch of other games
58.97 (closest I have to 58.970001) - Taito F3
59.185606 - NEOGEO
59.6 - Raiden
59.637405 -CPS 1 & CPS 2
59.70149254hz (closest I've found to 59.7) - late 90s Namco eg. point blank, outfoxies
60hz - thousands of games
60.0962 (closest I have to 60.096153) - Robotron2084, Wonder Boy, other classics too I assume
60.60606061 - Galaga, Donkey Kong, Rolling Thunder, other classics

Does anyone have a list of the most commonly used refresh rates in MAME?

Does anyone have an opinion on how accurate the video timing needs to be to be considered accurate? Could anyone realistically tell the difference between Raiden playing at exact 59.6 or at CPS1 refresh speed of 59.637405?

Also found an anomaly in MAMEs reporting. 55.83847 - actually unsure what uses this it was reported by MAME on my PC as Zoo Keeper (prob Qix too) refresh at startup but is wrong - in game MAME reports 60.021127 which I don't have yet...

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