Deciphoring ROMlist guide

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Deciphoring ROMlist guide

Post by cool_factor » Wed Mar 24, 2021 11:15 am

Ever want to know what all the info in your ROMlist means?

Use this as a guide:


SO lets take the game Millipede (milliped;Millipede;advmame;;1982;Atari;Shooter / Gallery;2P alt;90;trackball;good;1;raster;;;;1)

ROMName: milliped
Title: Millipede
CloneOf: Name of original game
Emulator: what emulator is used for launching game
Year: when released
Manufacture: Company that released game
Category: what type of game
Players: how many and if its solo play, alternate turns, or simultaneous play
Rotation: 90 for Vertical and 270 for Horizontal
Control: type of controls like joystick, trackball, dial etc
Status: perfect emulation, imperfect emulation (ie good, imperfect)
Display Count: how may displays
DisplayType: what type of display (IE Raster or Vector etc.)
AltRomname: other names game could be known for
AltTitle: same as AltRomname but for title of game
Extra: extra info about game
Buttons: how many buttons used in game

This website can help with figuring out alot of this info.

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