Viewpoint 2 players simultaneous!

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Viewpoint 2 players simultaneous!

Post by AstroCab » Sat Apr 28, 2018 2:30 pm

I though i should share this something i only recently found out you could do in this awesome game

The neogeo bios can be accessed in mame172 via the menu dipswitch settings

For games like viewpoint (neogeo) this means you can play with 2 players simultaneously!

here's how to do this:
in the game, press TAB for menu and Set the dip switches setting to on and select reset
on the neogeo BIOS screen press start+A+B+C+D
go to"Setting up soft dip" page 2 and from here select "Slot 1 viewpoint"
here, go to page 2 and change 2 player "alternate" to "simultaneous"
now go back (i think with C button) and exit
when ok it will diplay "DIP SW 1 OFF !!!"
TAB again and set the dip switch settings back to off
reset the game and from now on you can play 2 player simultanously

It even saves the setting so you wont have to do it again next time ;-)

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