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Questions on Pin Outs - 4 Player

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 6:12 pm
by Surreal_Killer
Just assembled my cabinet and have got to the point of doing my cabling.
Got the 4 player board connected up, but I have a few questions. Perhaps I should just randomly connect things and see what happens, but personally I'm a little more scientific than that.

1) Should I use the JAMMA harness connectors for Player 1 & 2 buttons 4, 5 & 6 or the Raspberry JAMMA board. Consensus here seems to be to use the 6 pin header on the Raspberry JAMMA board, but I cannot see a diagram or post detailing the pin outs

2) On the 4 player board, same question around pinouts for the 2x 15 pin headers, which pins are for which button(s)?

3) I've seen a lot of posts here about the Coin….. I'm not intending to have a coin mechanism, it's pure for my own entertainment at home. Am i right in assuming that if I connect up the coin button cable to a button, I can just press the coin button to get credits?

Thanks in advance and sorry if these questions have been asked before,


Re: Questions on Pin Outs - 4 Player

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 1:13 am
by dee2eR
1. either way is fine. You can connect to either the JAMMA edge using multiboard style 6 buttons on JAMMA (dipswitches 1&2 OFF, 3&4 ON), OR you can connect using proper JAMMA and a kick harness (dipswitch 1&2 on, 3&4 off). There's not an advantage to doing either way over the other, electrically they're the same, in fact buttons 4 and 5 are always going to both. The kick harness header is wired (from closest to the JAMMA edge):
p1 b4
p2 b4
p2 b5
p2 b6

2. if you don't have NBAJam wiring stick with the 'k' (Konami style) labeled headers, they support more buttons. The full 'k' header pinout is:
1 Coin
2 B6
3 Left
4 Right
5 Up
6 Down
7 B1
8 B2
9 B3
10 Start
11 NC
12 B4
13 B5
14 NC
15 GND

3. yes you can use a button instead of (or along side) a coin mech. There's also a credit shortcut by default (p1 start+p1b1).

Finally, if you're wiring from scratch I recommend wiring your panel (from left to right): player 3, player 1, player 2, player 4 as it will make playing 2 player games more comfortable as they will use the central controls rather than the leftmost.

Re: Questions on Pin Outs - 4 Player

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:39 am
by Surreal_Killer
Many thanks, I'll probably not get to it tonight but probably tomorrow.
I'll go with the JAMMA board for P1&P2 Buttons 4-6.
I'm going with the opposite to your suggestion re. player positioning. P1 & P3 at the ends and P3 & P4 along the long side. Primarily because 3/4 player games are co-operative, and therefore if you have 2, shall we say, "competitive", people side by side, there is too much temptation to "inadvertently nudge" your competitor ;-)
Thanks again,