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Re: rom location/folder

Post by TheHandlebarGamer » Wed Jul 20, 2022 12:13 pm

that fix did the trick!

Everything is now running in the mame-172 folder.

Next up, how do i change themes? are there any good simpsons ones up (as this is in a simpsons cab!)

huge thanks! Sorry if my initial posts weren't as clear as they needed to be outlining the issue.

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Re: rom location/folder

Post by dee2eR » Wed Jul 20, 2022 12:45 pm

You can change the Attract-Mode (the front end software) layout(s) from within the frontend. Once it has booted and you're at the game selection menu press 'tab' on keyboard or the cab test button/switch to open Attract-Modes menus. Navigate to the option 'Displays', then select the display you want to change (there's different displays for all games, just arcade games, and each console etc - they're all able to be changed independently of each other). In the Display Edit menu selecting 'Layout' will let you scroll between the installed layouts using up/down on joystick. {WARNING: if it is installed do not select the Invaders layout as it breaks something and causes issues - if you see it scroll past it}

@frizzlefried made a Konami theme that may suit your setup, pretty sure it's already installed. There maybe a Simpsons dedicated theme that has been made by someone but I'm not sure, there's a lot of layout themes for Attract-Mode.

Once you have the displays set the way you like access the service menu (f4 or service from the game select menu) and reboot or shutdown from there to make sure your changes are written to the SD card.

Also, there are some great extra themes by FrizzleFried found here: ... m_layouts/ Themes can be added to ARpiCADE in the folder /boot/attract-layouts/

Some layouts have issues on RPi, most are fine so if you find an Attract-Mode layout you like it can probably be used.

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