How To Change Mame094 Games From Vertical To Horizontal Mode

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How To Change Mame094 Games From Vertical To Horizontal Mode

Post by Pimon » Tue May 07, 2024 11:27 pm

Hi, I recently bought the Jamma ARpiCADE + Pi3+ w/ the horizontal game pack. It is running in a classic arcade machine at 240p horizontal. I'm new to the ARpiCADE, MAME, and the Raspberry Pi. Hopefully the answer to my question is simply flipping a setting somewhere.

All emulators I've played so far that were included on the disk will run in horizontal mode as expected, with the exception of Mame0.94. 094 runs every game in vertical mode. I've been unable to figure out how to configure the horizontal mode. Some of my favorite games (Puzzle Bobble 2-4 for example) are on that emulator.

I tried opening the Mame094 menu in game, but it's impossible to read due to the vertical resolution. I did figure out which one is the resolution option, but all selections maintained a stretched vertical view.

Then I looked through the code a bit and see that /BOOT/launchers/ calls It reads in variables from a temp file created by resSwitch. I inspected the file using the midnight browser to see if it was passing vars that made sense. Here are the file contents:

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# =====================
# /var/cache/apt/tmp.txt
# =====================
rom=pbobble2 sourcefile=taito_f3.cpp
That seems like it would be right, so I'm stumped. Thanks for any help or suggestions you can provide!

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Re: How To Change Mame094 Games From Vertical To Horizontal Mode

Post by dee2eR » Thu May 09, 2024 3:48 pm

not sure offhand, but you're almost definately looking in the right direction. If it's not some logical mistake or command line setting in the launcher it is likely to be a setting file in /home/pi/.advance/ (I can't remember offhand but 094 has a config file called something like advmame094.rc) - it's possible ror or rol is set in the config file.

I thought I had the auto rotation fairly well worked out so I'll have a look into it as well. It's possible I missed 094 as I don't use it much.

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