Help Before I just give up

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Re: Help Before I just give up

Post by Tagnetti » Fri Oct 16, 2020 5:06 pm

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Re: Help Before I just give up

Post by dee2eR » Wed Oct 21, 2020 1:40 am

Do you have power running to the JAMMA edge? If so you shouldn't have the Pi power supply plugged in as well. It won't be the cause of the USB problem but it's not a great idea to have the 2 power supplies running at once. Nothing else seems particularly odd from the photos.

Did you end up trying ARpiCADE? If so, with only the trackball plugged into USB (without your keyboard & mouse combo plugged in) can you scroll the menu up/down using the trackball? From your description your USB keyboard/mouse plugged in is acting as the first mouse and that will make the trackball mouse 2. If the trackpad on the keyboard works in the menu and the trackball doesn't when it's the only mouse plugged in that suggests the trackball USB adaptor is not working correctly.

If you think the USB cable supplied with the trackball adaptor may be a bit dodgy can you try another cable? It could be the cable causing issues I guess (is it fully plugged in, it looks a bit far out but that could be space left for a plastic case or something rather than it not being plugged in all the way) - although the light is on in the photo I have several USB cables that only carry power and not data that could turn a USB device on without being able to actually use it. - it may also be worth checking for any dry solder joints on the little PCB itself, if the USB connector on the board is a bit poorly installed it could also cause the cable to intermittently work.

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