Credit Button Assignment Issues

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Credit Button Assignment Issues

Post by biggestsonicfan » Thu Jan 16, 2020 3:55 am

EDIT: I think I posted this in the wrong forum. If an admin would kindly move this to the appropriate subform, I'd be really grateful, thanks!


I have been corresponding with dee2eR via email but I felt this might be a good forum question:

After learning P1 Right+ P1 Start brings up the menu in MAME (that might be good to mention in the FAQ), I've wanted to assign P1 coin to P1 B1 + P1 Start. Instead of assigning "j:button1 j:button8" as Coin1, it assigns it as "j:button1 j3:button5 j:button8" every time. P2 does not have this issue as it can assign Coin2 to "j2:button1 j2:button8" without problems.

I am configured for a 2P cabinet, not 4P, so I am unsure why P1 has P3 controls mapped to it. On that note, playing X-Men (4P), and pressing J1 B3, this would press Start for P3.

Another slightly confusing option about having the MAME menu accessible from the joystick is my inability to find a way to "delete" an input setting, completely removing it. I find this useful for removing P3 and P4 controls from X-Men (4P) but I was using a keyboard at the time with the "del" key.

My last credit button issue is with daphne. I am using a real arcade cabinet (Virtua Fighter 1) modified with a JAMMA harness. For some reason, Daphne will only register the actual coin chutes as coin inputs. I am assuming because a service button for coins was never mapped in the actual Dragon's Lair cab, but I am unsure.

Would it be possible to button-bind the credits for Dragon's Lair in addition to the coin chute? Preferably P1:B1 + P1:Start. I looked into this a little bit myself, however I am unsure how the bindings work given the GPIO nature of the setup. Also, I do have a Linux machine to safely alter Daphne (and MAME) configs where necessary.

Thank you for your time,

EDIT2: I found in hotkeys.ini this line:


So I assumed that might have been a problem, and deleted it.... it disables all hotkeys, so "START=BTN_START:KEY_ESC:1500" will not work to escape to the menu after entering a game. I can't manage to edit hotkeys.ini at all for that matter.

I want START+B=key:KEY_DEL and ... well this is is odd... Daphne states the following:
The default DAPHNE keyboard controls are:

5 and 6 Insert Coin (coin chutes)

Code: Select all

KEY_COIN1 = 53 0 0
And the current daphnieinput.ini shows

Code: Select all

KEY_COIN1 = 53 0 7
So... oh gosh, Start+B1 IS credit for Dragon's Lair by default, ahahaha! Oops, shoulda checked. That's one problem down.

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