screen rotate

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screen rotate

Post by flyingfistofbudha » Wed Mar 09, 2022 8:51 pm

i have an egret 2 screen mounted vert , but upside down!

so this has been a total pain in the arse guesing rotating etcc.

very happy that the option is avalible thanks for putting that in.

just wonderd if there could be a definitive guide on rotating.

display_rotate =

so all the degrees of rotation are clearly explained in the guide!

for users with hori ,
hori upside down,
vert & vert upside down .

for example display_rotate=0 is for horizontal ( screen mount being horizontal correct way up)
display_rotate=2 is for horizontal ( screen mounted horizontal upside down}

display_rotate=1 is for vert {sreen mounted verticaly )
display_rotate=3 is for vert {screen mounted vertically upside down}

this just an example not ure if these numbers are correct but i wuld find this very help full as i am still having trouble
keep re flashing sd card jut to change rotation and having to guess numbers.. i have succesfully used the nano script in the pi files only once..
im not the best person using a keyboard { im the worst} and i dont know pi script so i rely on good guides
i think a guide with the relative numbers for rotation of both monitor mounting positions woul be massivly help full thnaks

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