Correct location for lr-mame2003-plus (mame 0.78) game .ini files

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Correct location for lr-mame2003-plus (mame 0.78) game .ini files

Post by mlwl32 » Sat May 14, 2022 6:33 pm

Latest 3.X image, and recent updates/patches per 3.X release thread.

The directory structure was a little confusing. Where exactly would one place <rom_name>.ini files for lr-mame2003-plus, i.e., mame 0.78?

Neither `~/.mame078/ini` nor `~/.mame078/mame2003-plus/ini` seemed to work.

Had no issues with 0.172 game ini files, placing them in `~/mame172/ini`.

Also, assuming based on light searching that 0.78 uses the same 'volume -25' style entries for volume adjustment as 0.172? I could hit ` and adjust volume on the fly in 0.78, but that wouldn't (couldn't?) save.


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Re: Correct location for lr-mame2003-plus (mame 0.78) game .ini files

Post by dee2eR » Mon May 16, 2022 2:42 pm

I'm not sure if it uses individual game ini files like newer MAME versions (possibly a quirk of the RA core conversion... I have no idea...). NV ram etc seem to work but I haven't seen any ini files for individual games.

Volume adjustments should save, although I'm not sure of the process. For the games I run in 078 I adjust the volume through their service menus when needed, which I assume is saved into the NVRAM,

Sorry, I'm probably not much help on this one.

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