DisplayView - A Theme for your Display Menu

Questions and tweaks for Attract-Mode on ARpiCADE.

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DisplayView - A Theme for your Display Menu

Post by FrizzleFried » Sun Apr 28, 2019 3:23 pm


DisplayView ... A theme for your display menu! Check out how easy it is to set up a nice graphical way to switch between multiple ROMLISTS/Displays!

As with all my themes, this was built for my low-resolution arcade cabinets. It works fine with the PC and Pi3 ... and I imagine the Mac as well.

For more info... visit my arcade blog at the link in my signature or directly HERE.

Visit my arcade blog ... www.idahogaragecade.com (Updated: 10/28/21)

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Re: DisplayView - A Theme for your Display Menu

Post by gt7766c » Sun May 12, 2019 12:21 pm

Fantastic! I knew it was possible but didn’t know how. Thank you for figuring it out and posting.

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Post by kirkman822 » Sun Jun 27, 2021 8:35 am

When you say you switched themes do you mean even the built in "system" or "light"? Every custom theme I try has black drop downs, but the system and light do not.

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