Thanks for the ARpiCADE !

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Thanks for the ARpiCADE !

Post by raycade » Thu Feb 13, 2020 4:58 pm

I want to thank Dylan for making the ARpiCADE product.
Since mid December 2019 I've been testing several solutions to get a Game Database in my Egret II.
But the path was full of hurdles which at first I did not expect to happen.
All I needed was a solution with a simple interface and running games from a list, but that seemed not that easy.

I've tried PI2JAMMA, RGB-PI JAMMA and RGB-PI SCART. With about a dozen of images but most of them have flaws.
Then I got in touch with Dylan about the ARpICADE and decided to order one. Man what a relief was this! :D

One thing I learned with the whole PI to JAMMA solutions is that hardware + software is extremy picky. This is in my eyes due to the fact that the software stack is "stacked software of all sorts" (Linux, Mame, libraries & middleware, various scripts and lot's of ambiguous configs all over the place).
And various ideas of making a end-product.

I am more than happy with the ARpiCADE and I consider it compared to the PI2JAMMA and RGB-PI the best product of the 3.
I know thre are sceptics that say that using the HDMI + converter will result in more lag. But so far it has been a overall very good experience.

ARpiCADE on my Egret II:

Some more info & other of arcade stuff:
Link on imgur

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Re: Thanks for the ARpiCADE !

Post by hulkk03 » Fri Feb 14, 2020 3:57 am

Arpicade is such a awesome product. I bought 2 Arpicade for my both cabinet. That's including Sega blast city candy cabinet. Glad to hear you enjoy!

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