Update Guide (v3.71)

ARpiCADE is the official distribution for the RaspberryJAMMA adapter.

Update 3.71 installation Guide





IMPORTANT:  You must have a full install of 3.7 before attempting to apply this patch. See here for instructions on installing v3.7

  1. Download the update and unzip it. You can unzip the file using a tool like 7zip or Keka.
    1. MAC: Keka
    2. WINDOWS: 7zip
  2. Mount your SD card with ARpiCADE 3.7 installed on your home computer.  Both Windows and Mac support reading and writing to the /boot/partition (FAT32). This is the same location where the “roms” folder sits.  No additional software should be required to view or write to this partition.
  3. Copy the file “update.sh” and the folder “371update” (with its entire contents) to the directory called “config-updater”.  e.x.
  4. Power up and you should be able to update from the service menu in Attract-
    Mode (cab service button or keyboard left/right until you find it) it will
    reboot when finished, the process will take a couple of minutes DO NOT power
    down while the update is running just wait for it to reboot. There is no
    feedback from the update as it is running.
  5. (optional) After update & reboot you may need to run the system setup
    option you want from the service menu eg. High res vertical or 240p only
    horizontal etc. The update will not change the current resolution your system
    is running in (for your cabs safety). By default high res service menu options
    will be commented out in /boot/launchers/servMenu.sh after the upgrade, if you
    want to use them you can uncomment them in the file /boot/config-updater/
    371update/boot/launchers/servMenu.sh before running the update to make them
    available for you immediately after the update.



The update script will modify the folder layout of your SD card, samples and
layouts will be moved to /boot if there is insufficient available space on /boot
this will probably break something, a fresh vanilla 3.7 image will be fine but
otherwise please check the available space is enough (especially if you have
the huge Toaplan samples in /home/pi/.advance/sample).

Please backup your SD card before running the update script in case of issues.